Maltese Islands
The Maltese Islands which consist of
Malta, Gozo and Comino are situated
in the middle of the Mediterranean
Sea. The coastline is well indented with
harbours, bays, creeks, sandy
beaches and rocky coves.
"dive sites available offer breath taking
drop offs, wrecks, underwater caves
and reefs"
Weather and Climate
For current weather and 3 day forecasts:, CNN and BBC.

The Maltese climate is warm and healthy,
there are no biting winds, fog, snow, or

Rain falls only for very short periods,
mainly in winter. On average there is 600
mm of rain over the whole year.

The average winter temperature is 13 deg
C and in Summer it ranges from 22 to 25
deg C on average.

The sea temperature does not fall below
14 deg C and after a long hot summer it's
in the region of 27 deg C.

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Maltese society visit the Columbus travel
Diving in Malta

Being an island, Malta offers the unique
opportunity for diving year round, as a lee
shore is always available.

The warm, clear and unpolluted waters offer
the best opportunity to the person who
wishes to try diving and for the experienced
diver to dive safely in an enjoyable manner.

Dive sites available offer breath taking drop
offs, wrecks, underwater caves and reefs
with spectacular coloured marine life that is a
boom for the underwater photgrapher.
Travelling in Malta
Malta itself is a fascinating country to
visit. It is teeming with history from
5,000 BC to modern day. The
Phoenicians, the Romans, the Knights
of St John, the Turks, Napolean, the
British and World War II have all left
their mark, adding to Malta's rich

There are cathedrals, palaces,
prehistoric stone temples, fantastic
limestone formations both above and
below the sea.
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