Diving Courses
If you have never dived before, this is
the chance of your lifetime. Malta offers
the best opportunity because of its
calm, clear waters.

After the introductory lesson, one can
do more dives or enrol in the first
qualification course (Open Water Diver).

The introductory lesson will be deducted
from the price of the course.
Open Water Scuba Course  

This one week course will enable you to
obtain your first certificate as a diver. It is
is recognised worldwide.

Initial training includes: Knowledge and skill
development plus your first five open
water dives.

Course Cost:   320
Introductory Scuba Course  

Our comprehensive introductory scuba
courses are conducted by highly
qualified instructors.

This course will allow the beginner to
discover the beauty of the underwater
world in a safe and enjoyable manner.

1 diving lesson: € 35
1 Intro. lesson plus 1 dive € 65

All equipment is included in these
Advanced Open Water Diver Course  
This five day course is designed to
enhance the experience, skill and
knowledge of the diver for practical
application in the diving environment.

Course includes: Natural navigation,
compass navigation, search and recovery,
low visibility and night diving and deep sea

Course Cost: € 195
Speciality Courses Information and
  • Night Diver (3 dives)
  • Boat Diver (2 dives)
  • Search and recovery (4 dives)
  • Deep Sea Diver (4 dives)
  • Wreck Diver ( 4 dives)
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Naturalist (2 dives)
  • Navigator (2 dives)
  • Cavern Diver (4 dives)
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